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Alternative Methods to Quit Smoking

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Methods to Quit Smoking: The Best Alternative

There are countless methods to quit smoking to be found on the internet and in book stores these days. Most of them will tell you the same thing. Just stop smoking. Patches and gum have been widely used in the past, with varying degrees of success. There’s another option that won’t be mentioned in most places. Don’t give up a popular pastime, just give up on tobacco. Electronic smoking devices are innovative new gadgets that allow smokers to enjoy the best parts of smoking without the negative aspects of chemicals. E-cigs and other electronic smoking devices offer users some very interesting benefits over traditional cigarettes and can be enjoyed just about anywhere without being an annoyance or inconvenience to those around you.


Electronic smoking devices like e-cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, are an excellent method to quit smoking tobacco. If you’ve been searching for alternatives to smoking in the last few years, you’ve likely seen electronic cigarettes. They look similar to traditional cigarettes, but are slightly larger and heavier. The longer part, which, in regular smokes, contains the tobacco, is actually the power supply for the device. The shorter piece, the filter of a traditional cigarette, is called a cartomizer. A cartomizer is really two parts in one. It contains the e-liquid, as well as the atomizer. The atomizer heats the e-liquid when a user draws on the device, which creates a vapor that mimics tobacco smoke. These devices are refillable, rechargeable, extremely portable and provide users with an excellent way to ditch tobacco for good.


One of the most noticeable and pleasant benefits to using e-cigarettes is that they’re not offensive or annoying to those around the smoker. They emit only an odorless, water-based vapor that doesn’t stain clothing or furniture. Another great feature is that e-cigs are substantially cheaper than tobacco products. Cartomizers are refillable, and the finest retailers offer e-liquid for surprisingly reasonable prices. Most people who have made the switch to e-cigs have done so due to tobacco having dangerous levels of carcinogens. In a single cigarette, there are over six hundred dangerous chemical compounds. This gets ingested through the combustion of tobacco and tar. E-cigs eliminate the vast majority of these compounds. Those chemicals that are still present are only in trace amounts, which means that they can be detected, but in quantities so small that they cannot be measured accurately.
Many smokers find that their pastime of choice is becoming more intrusive and frowned upon every day. E-smoking devices are some of the most innovative methods to quit smoking tobacco while still enjoying the experience of smoking. Take a look at the options available from the most reputable and reliable online purveyors of alternative smoking devices, and find methods to quit smoking that work for you!